Welcome to Story Builders Script Consulting Services --We break em down and we build em up.
Let's get your story rolling!
StoryBuilders is a professional story analyzing and coaching service for screenwriters, TV writers and playwrights.  Whether it be studio coverage or a page 1 rewrite, our job is to help you take your work to the next level and get your script ready to be taken seriously in the industry.

It is very important that producers, agents, production companies, major motion picture studios, literary agents and publishers see your very best work the first time they see it as they may not afford you a second reading.  We know what the “Industry” wants and what they look for in a project and it is just this specific experience that we pass along to 

the writer in our evaluation affording them the opportunity to implement this in their writing. 

Our story analysts provide detailed, specific script analysis and notes on your current draft regarding what is working and why, and what isn't and why not.  The feedback and suggestions we convey to you will allow you to define and develop your story to insure that your very best work is on the page.  Our personal and caring manner nurturing your own concept and voice will make you want to get right back on the computer and go to it.  We also rewrite, ghostwrite, prep you to pitch your story and many other creative writing services.